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BFXR is a tool with which you can create varied sound effects from a tab in your browser, and then easily export them to your computer in WAV format.

The application offers dozens of possibilities for creating sound effects. There are five different types of sound waves, three different filters, and more than 20 variables to play with. The result is an almost infinite number of sounds, which lets you create from a laser gun effect in the style of Star Wars, to the sound of an explosion.

Once you play with the sounds and create an effect you like, you just have to export it in WAV format, and save it on your computer, which you can do in just a click on the right button.

BFXR is a comprehensive application for creating sound effects. You can create some really elaborated sounds from a simple tab on the browser. You don't need to install anything, and it barely takes resources from the system.
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